5 Ways to Spring Clean your Self Care Routine

Hi friends! It’s been some time since we’ve last chatted. I hope you’re well, healthy, safe, and hanging in there!

If you’re struggling, that's okay…there’s literally no better time to reset, spring clean and get your space just right for you!!

If you’re like me, sometimes you feel unmotivated, uninspired. These brief tips may help spruce up your mood and living/work area to enhance your well-being.

Make your home ANU!

Declutter your space- if it isn’t useful or beautiful, toss it! Donate old and unwanted clothes to your nearest thrift shop, Goodwill or Salvation Army. Go through old bills, receipts, review them and decide what stays and what goes. Clean out your pantries, make space and room for new things! Open the windows and let some air in, change your linens regularly and utilize our aromatherapy oils to freshen the air in your home. Pinterest has plenty of 30-day declutter challenges, check those out.


Clean up your diet.


It’s been a crazy long winter filled with super delicious holiday treats and good eats, but not all healthy for us though. Reevaluate your diet habits, start with a small goal to lessen a not so good food and begin introducing more nutritious food. Less starches, more greenies😊

In addition to eating better foods, decreasing junk foods, sugar and heavily processed foods, get outside and try new exercises. Moving your body really fulfills our body and leaves us motivated for the next task. 


Eliminate distractions.

Whether it’s cleaning up your social media accounts, filtering content or even discarding followers, do it! You owe no one an explanation, it's your handle, it's your peace, own that and know that it will benefit you in the long run. I've had to remove some social media platforms from my laptop, just to limit my distractions to do what's purposeful for me. Think about the distractions in your life, remove it, limit it, or do whatever you need to, to help create more healthy space for yourself and your goals.


Create a daily meditation practice.

Spring cleaning isn't always throwing clothes away and ridding things and people. It's also taking a look at yourself, your thinking, your decisions. Making time and creating space for healthy thoughts, positive intentions and actions. Creating a daily meditation practice for yourself really helps to nourish your mind and emotional well-being. By strengthening your foundation, it enhances your focus and day to day practices. Start small and work on making meditation a daily routine for you. 


Reevaluate your goals and priorities.


Stop and think what's important to you. What are some things that you've put off but need to be done? What are some ideas that have lingered in your head , but you haven't acted on? Write those down in your order, give yourself a reasonable date and rededicate yourself to getting it done. On days, where you just can't do it, extend grace to yourself but get back to it when you're good and well. Remember those things are important to you and are most deserving of your time, attention and efforts. You'll thank yourself in the end!


This Spring, try these small but important trips and tricks to clean up your space, eliminate the old and reward yourself with fresh things, people and places, safely of course. Until next time, remember, you first..stay safe and healthy!


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