Brain Overload

With all the hustle and bustle of our crazy and unfair world, sometimes it becomes hard to truly unwind. Even when we are sitting or lying down, reading a book or doing something that brings us enjoyment, we still are constantly overwhelmed by things we need to do, have not done or just do not want to do. I believe we have coined the term as, adulting😊 Something we all were voluntold to do and must experience daily.


So how can we truly unwind?

While ANU Bath & Spa offers products to help you unwind after a long day of work, or just to treat yourself because you deserve it, I also want to highlight more tips to help you mentally unpack and release, so you can truly unwind!

So, the goal is to relax right, but we cannot stop the thoughts that crowd our brains every day. How do we turn it off for just a moment to take care of our mind, body and soul? Below, I have listed just 5 ways that may help you to release those mental frustrations. We hope you share yours too!

  • Write it down, make a list or plan and set deadlines. If something is bothering you to where you cannot rid yourself of the distraction, put your thoughts to paper to clear up some mental space.


  • Distract yourself! Sometimes a calming bath or soothing shower is all you need to take a break away from the stress. Our body oils are also used for aromatherapy purposes and can ease anxiety, headaches, etc. Our droppers can be used in diffusers, humidifiers and on the body and our roll-ons can also be used on body temples. Check them out under our Products page! Also, exercising, reading a book and watching your favorite movie can also serve as great distractions.


  • Talk it out. Whether it is your significant other, close friend, mom, dad, brother or cousin, confide in someone you trust and vent, ask for advice or just release what you need to. Someone may be able to offer perspective or just lend a listening ear to alleviate the stress that comes with persistent thoughts you want to negate.


  • Meditate. Devote a time to yourself everyday to meditate. Making meditation a daily form of self-care practice can really ease your mind and alleviate stress and unwanted thoughts. Be still, breathe in deeply and focus on just that, your breathing. My favorite app to use for meditation is Headspace. Headspace offers brief audio and visual videos to guide you through meditation. Consider trying that app to encourage your practice!


  • Affirm yourself! When unwanted stressful thoughts come, try reframing the narrative of the thought. So instead of, “I have so much work to do”, think, “I am thankful…. Life is good…. Everything will be okay”. Then try one of the ways above and when ready, begin on your task. While having so much to do is always a daunting thought and heavy task at hand, persistent thoughts only make it worse and nearly ever change the fact that you indeed have so much to do. So, affirm yourself and not just when you cannot turn your brain off, but every day. Making this apart of your self-care practice will help you to have a healthy, happy and more sustaining life!

I hope these are helpful. How do you unwind and free yourself of Brain Overload? Feel free to share your tips below and provide feedback to this post. See you next Friday on #unwindwithANU.

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