Improving Self-Confidence: Body Positivity

Body positivity is a social movement to empower those dealing with general weight issues, body dysmorphia and/or eating disorders. The movement accepts and supports all physical bodies regardless of weight, race, gender or appearance. This movement is particularly important to me because of it's advocacy to uplift all physical bodies, encouraging those who struggle greatly with their mental, emotional and physical health every day. 


Unwind with ANU talks a lot about establishing and implementing affirmations. It's a great way to boost self-confidence and motivate us to become our best selves. As we grow our bodies change, in some ways good and in some ways, that we may not like. Challenge yourself to start changing the narrative of the things you don't like about your body. Maybe it's your arms, or your legs. What are some good things that your arms and legs do for you? Why are you thankful to have those body parts. If it's centered around weight, think of healthy strategies to help change that. Perhaps it's a new workout routine, or better eating habits. Whatever the challenge may be, try it in increments, gradually until it works for you, so it sticks!  However, throughout it all, affirmations and extending grace to your body is truly necessary and helpful even. 

 These affirmations from the Empowering Women network will help you build your confidence up and instill positivity around you! 

10 positive body affirmations:

I AM beautiful

I AM worth more than my appearance

I AM enough

I CAN accomplish anything I set my mind to

I AM grateful for everything my body allows me to do

I WILL not listen to the negative voices in my head

I LOVE the woman staring back at me in the mirror

I WILL NOT compare myself to other women

I WILL treat my body with respect



Weight gain and loss come with the change of life, stress, heartache, loss, reward, and etc. As you sort through the day to day challenges of life, be gentle with your body and fuel yourself with affirmations that will help keep you alive and keep you inspired to be your best self.


Thanks for reading, share with a friend and leave a comment! Tune in next week where we explore the art of boundaries, a true act of self-love! 

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  • Kam 11:03 AM

    Excellent suggestions! I noticed when I take the gradual approach it works best for me.

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