Nourish to Flourish

There's a safety precaution given by flight attendants that states, "put on your own mask first, before you help others?" Well....this is the perfect analogy for what it means to practice self-care. Without first taking care of yourself and your basic needs, you won't be able to effectively help yourself nor others to be successful. 

Last week we discussed how to unload heavy and unwanted thoughts. This week we're diving into what it means to nourish to flourish. One super important aspect of self-care is nutrition. The food you consume can greatly impact your mood, performance and behavior and daily satisfaction in the workplace, at home and in your personal life. If you really want to begin flourishing, now is a great time to start. Aim to eat nourishing foods and limit foods that may hold you back from feeling your best. Take your vitamins, drink your water and mind the business that pays you!

Here are a few tips to kickstart your nourish to flourish journey:

  • Limit highly processed foods, high sugar foods
  • Include more veggies in your diet
  • Practice mindful eating-find a healthy balance and treat yourself 

While your body is nourished by the quality food you consume, there are also other ways to nourish yourself. 

  • The heart is nourished with joy, compassion and love
  • The mind is nourished with knowledge
  • The spirit is nourished with equanimity and self-awareness

Next week, take some time to plan how you will nourish yourself. Set a goal, make a plan, challenge yourself and really hold yourself accountable to taking care of yourself. Accountability partners are also a great way to get started, stay motivated and meet your goals. As you're working on it, leave us some feedback, share your progress and ask questions along the way! 

In the meantime, please share our blog using the hashtag #unwindwithanu and leave your own nourish to flourish tips in the comments below. Happy Friday!

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