Thanksgiving Tips & Tricks: Covid-19 Edition

Thanksgiving is here; a time to fellowship with food, family and fun! This year, however, with Covid-19 cases rising at a higher rate unfortunately, most of us are reconsidering our usual family gatherings to instead participate in virtual activities and dinner drop-offs. First time for everything, right?!  

Below, ANU shares some more helpful tips that allows us to still be able to spend time with loved ones near and far amid the pandemic, in hopes that we can all help each other stop the spread so we can enjoy traditions in the years to come! Check them out and share your plans below. 

  • Celebrate with your immediate family. CDC suggests limiting in-person gatherings to people who live in your house. If you plan to open your home to others, please keep it to 6 people and under, quarantine prior (and after) and get tested. Be sure to wear a mask when you aren’t eating/drinking and continue to distance yourselves!
  • Think of creative ways to share the experience remotely. Consider preparing a favorite recipe with extended family and friends over a video chat platform. Continue the  tradition of sharing what you are thankful!
  • Plan a drop-off potluck. Perhaps trying recipes with family and close neighbors. Instead of sharing them in person, bundle up and plan a doorstep drop-off.
  • Instacart or online grocery shopping. Staying home as much as possible is one of the best ways to reduce COVID-19. Shop online for your groceries with delivery or curbside pickup options and consider holiday food deliveries to elderly family members. If you need to shop in person, try to go at a time when stores are not as busy. Stores have even listed best times to shop on their websites!
  • Open windows & stay outside when possible. If you plan on having persons over, open windows for better ventilation if possible. If weather permits, gather outdoors.
  • Safer serving. Choose one person to do the serving to avoid everyone touching serving utensils. Wash your hands and keep hand sanitizer readily available. 

​If you must travel…

  • Drive by yourself or with family members in a private vehicle to avoid exposure to people outside your household, if possible.
  • Wear a mask when you leave your car (gas stations and rest stops).
  • Pack snacks ahead of time to avoid fast food or quick marts, if possible.
  • If you must travel by air, remember to maintain physical distance in security lines and concourses and wear masks in airports and planes. 

Don't forget to please share this post and comment your safe plans below! Stay safe everyone and try to enjoy the best way you can. 

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